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My Videos
Over the past years I've learned how to make videos using Sony Vegas Videos. I'm particularily fond and proud of my Lego movie but I am pleased with all of the videos posted on this page. I enjoyed making the geodesic dome one too.

The Building of the Geodesic Dome:  2mb   40mb
Near the end of my sophmore year my class built a geodesic dome for a physics project with the supervision of Phil Poleson. Currently, it resides on the roof of the Portland Waldorf High School.
When The World Ends (14mb):
This is a music video done after the one below but this one is not as good. It features Sean Sparks in the eighth grade in the Portland waldorf school lip syncing to "When the world ends" by Dave Matthews.
I feel so real (25mb):
This is another music video three of my class mates put on in eighth grade in November of 2003. Sean Sparks has the main role, and Toby Thom (the one with red hair) and Gabriel Thacker-Taylor are in the background.
The Lego Movie (20mb):
This one-minute movie I created over the course of the summer of 2002 using stop-motion. This technique is where I take a picture, move the things that move about a sixteenth of an inch, take another picture, move the pieces, take a picture etc. I took about 2000 pictures total. An arts awards organization awarded me a silver key which is like second place.
LightSabers (600kb):
This was made in august of 2002. It's an extremely short video of me battling with my brother (I'm on the left). We did this just to see if we could. Nothing fancy, and there are much better ones out there!
Cross Country (48mb):
This i a video made by my brother, but I helped shoot part of it. It features the Portland Waldorf School's girl's cross country team at the state meet (they won first place in their district!).
Arthur's Spandex: (23mb)
This was filmed by Alwynn Shelly with her digital camera during the 9th Grade class meeting. I'm not sure why arthur wore the spndex. I think it was partly peer pressure, but obviously, if he didn't want to wear it, he wouldn't have. Enough said. Watch it. (not reccommended for children under the age of 13)